Admit it already!  You watch Mad Men not just for the story line but also to lust after the set design.  It’s OK, you are among friends here.  The first part is admitting it.  The next step is to find those pieces that make your heart skip a beat and bring them into your own home so you can love and admire them in person.  Sure, your family and friends might describe you as quirky or artsy, but that’s because they just don’t understand.  For those of us that have loved the clean lines and smart design of mid century, it is kind of like the cool kids table at lunch.  We not only understand, but we also love sharing our latest finds and hearing about yours.

miccentury_kellyThis site brings together mid century aficionados on one site, so that no matter where your travels find you, you can find Mid Century and scratch that itch.  How many times have you been on a business trip or visiting friends out of town and wondered to yourself, “I wonder what MCM shops are in this town?” You are not the only one, friend.  This website puts all the local shops on one site for ease of use so you can explore local treasures no matter where you are!

What is on your wish list? A bullet planter? An Eames cigar light? Maybe a Baumritter? Or maybe you just want to peruse the local shops and see what catches your eye. You can search by state. Know of a local shop that is not on the list? Let us know.

This list is constantly evolving and shops are added daily. This community of shops specializing in MidCentury wares allows you to plan your trip as you wish. A quick day trip or a weekend excursion. Get your GPS in order, grab your wallet or purse and let the road trip commence, Baby!

midcentury_jeremyI have loved midcentury design since an early age.  The clean lines and the attention to detail have always drawn me into MCM design aesthetics.  In my opinion, the atomic age gifted us with some of the best films, music, automobiles and design to date.  There is nothing like driving a 56 Thunderbird, or a 66 Mustang!  Everything was classy and had a cool vibe attached to it!

My primary involvement with Mid Century Road Trip is making sure that all of the backend activities function properly, such as the website, tracking and coordinating website content.

Kelly and I both feel it is our duty to be the most comprehensive source of mid century local shopping, allowing you to discover the best MCM shops, no matter where you may be on planet Earth.  I welcome any comments or suggestions that you have that would improve the overall usability of this website.

1956 ford thunderbird