Mid Century Modern Bullet Planter


We recently purchased an amazing short bullet planter at the 20th Century Cincinnati show. I was so incredibly happy to not only find the planter (one of only two at the whole show), but to be the first one there to snatch it up! A friend of ours hooked us up with some conditioner for the fiberglass planter. The contents are unknown, only to be disclosed at risk of harm or death. I will say, the jar it was delivered in resembles bathtub moonshine. The latter makes me laugh.

My planter while amazing, was very dry and in some spots, sharp. The very dry feel to this planter really accentuated the fiberglass fibers, which looked kind of cool, but I was wondering how well it would hold up over time. By conditioning my planter – I actually ended up putting on two coats, allowing to soak in and dry between reapplying – the planter is now shiny and smooth to the touch. Check out the before and after pictures! Pretty amazing, right?

The following pictures show the before and after of applying this magic elixir of youth to my amazing planter. How do you take care of your fiberglass pieces? Do you have a tried and true method? Have you had any really bad results from trying something only to cry from the disastrous results? Please do share with the class…





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