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It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas…

photo 1

With the holiday festivities in full swing, I find myself reminiscent of past Christmases. Growing up, it was such a magical, innocent time. We would decorate and the whole house was completely transformed. Every year as we decorate the tree, I tell the kids the same stories about the histories of the ornaments. One of my all time favorites is a corsage that my Great Uncle George gave me my first Christmas. He told my mom that he wanted to be the first boy to ever give me flowers. It is a bit beat up, but it has a place of honor on my tree every year.


I love the history that the holidays brings. We move forward, with our feet firmly planted in the past. With each new year, my kids and I recall the past, appreciate it and start new memories of our own, that they can share with their children.

My Great Grandma’s crocheted Santa adorns my living room. What treasures do you have for the holiday season? I’d love to see and hear about them.

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Can We Make it to 40???

Despite how I felt when I became 20-20 (long story for another time), this is different, OK? We are currently at 37 shops, and THANK YOU to all of the amazing shops that have registered their shops so far! We are humbled by the outpouring of love. You all rock!!!!

Here is the challenge…Can we reach 40 by this weekend? We can with your help…Is there a shop you know of that specializes in mid century that you would like to see on this website? Or, is your shop missing from our growing list? Send them our way! The more the merrier…

Here are the shops we have so far.

Current MCRT Map of Shops

Pretty impressive, I must say. Let’s see how many more we can add. I know there are missing gems. What is your favorite shop? I personally know that there are some fantastic shops that have not made our map yet. What are waiting for? Let’s get this party started!


Our Apologies!

If you recently added your shop to our site and do not see it listed, please accept our apologies. The previous plugin we were using stopped working. We are asking that you please resubmit your information.

If you recently added your shop to our site and do not see it listed, please accept our apologies. The previous plugin we were using stopped working. We are asking that you please resubmit your information.

Mid Century Modern Bullet Planter


We recently purchased an amazing short bullet planter at the 20th Century Cincinnati show. I was so incredibly happy to not only find the planter (one of only two at the whole show), but to be the first one there to snatch it up! A friend of ours hooked us up with some conditioner for the fiberglass planter. The contents are unknown, only to be disclosed at risk of harm or death. I will say, the jar it was delivered in resembles bathtub moonshine. The latter makes me laugh.

My planter while amazing, was very dry and in some spots, sharp. The very dry feel to this planter really accentuated the fiberglass fibers, which looked kind of cool, but I was wondering how well it would hold up over time. By conditioning my planter – I actually ended up putting on two coats, allowing to soak in and dry between reapplying – the planter is now shiny and smooth to the touch. Check out the before and after pictures! Pretty amazing, right?

The following pictures show the before and after of applying this magic elixir of youth to my amazing planter. How do you take care of your fiberglass pieces? Do you have a tried and true method? Have you had any really bad results from trying something only to cry from the disastrous results? Please do share with the class…





Mid Century Modern Interior Ideas

Here are some mid-century interiors that I have found interesting while surfing the internet….

Atomic table set

Smart Broyhill Brasilia Walnut Mid Century Modern Credenza with Removable Hutch (1964)

Mid Century Modern Interior - Albano Daminato
Champaign house - Oct 09

Lane "Acclaim" at Hodge Podge Lodge

Matching Lane Acclaim Coffee Table and End Table

Corona sofa & Brasilia credenza

Breakfast spot!

Handsome Lane Perception Mid Century Modern Oak and Walnut Credenza (U.S.A, 1960's)

Vintage Wassily Chairs

View from the sofa


zenith_rockerOne of my favorite designers is Charles and Ray Eames.  They are quite possibly one of the greatest designer couples in history, if not the greatest designer couples.  The Eames’ contributions are far more vast than most realize.  Best known for the iconic shell chair and the Eames Lounger, this amazing couple designed furniture, made films that are still revolutionary, even for today’s age. Eames designs live on today and are highly collective.

The molds of the Eames shell chair was sold to a company that still manufactures them today.  We were able to score an original first run rope edge Zenith chair at the 20th Century Cincinnati show this last weekend.  I am not going to lie when I say, I love this chair!  The history, the look, the feel.  I have always loved and wanted an orange Eames rocker, and now I have a first run in my house. Amazing!

Original Zenith Tag

Original Zenith Tag

Of course, we could not stop there and picked up a matching pair of green shell chairs with Eiffel tower bases.  There is something about the look of this iconic piece that my husband and I simply drool over.  Nice image, huh?  But seriously, these versatile seats are at home in your office, living room, or even around your kitchen table.eames_DKR_Shell

Did any of you see the documentary on Charles and Ray Eames on PBS?  We were glued to the set!  Whether you missed itand want a copy, (and who wouldn’t) or if you just want to watch it again, here is your chance to own a copy.

Stay tuned for more Eames history and pictures…




DKR Patent Tag


Top Ten Ways to Add Mid-Century Style on a Budget

With the popularity of Mad Men has come a new found love of all things mid-century. For those of us that have loved it all along, we found that this resurgence has brought more than just an appreciation for clean lines and hairpin legs – it has also brought a huge price increase!

With some planning and know how, you can not only long for that Baumritter, you can have it too!

1. Don’t over-estimate the want ads! Craigslist is a bargain hunter’s paradise for mid-century design. I scored an amazing hutch for $20! It is not only beautiful, but it completes my kitchen’s 1950’s vibe with style. Think outside the box when checking Craigslist, Ebay or Etsy. Not everyone is the best speller. The bad part is it is much trickier to find a good deal online. The good news is, it is still possible – it just takes some savvy knowhow and patience. When I am on the lookout for a particular item, I check daily and have lucked out by finding that treasure shortly after it posts. My level of persistence is not to be taken lightly!

eames shell rocker2. Don’t knock off a knock off! Who wouldn’t want an original Eames rocker ? We all would. If you have your heart set on having a vintage piece, be prepared to pay a very hefty price tag. If you love the look but are not a purist, don’t discount the quality and design of a non-pedigree piece. I have an Eames rocker that makes me happy and looks amazing in my home. Do I care that it’s a knock off? No! I just know that it is the same design and so incredibly comfortable and such a conversation piece. I love it on every level!

3. Shop Locally. Not only is this good for the environment as I am sure you have heard, your town probably has some great local shops that you didn’t even know about. I was checking craigslist and came across some local listings, uncovering local gold mines in my own back yard! In Columbus, Ohio, I found The Boomerang Room, one of the best local shops for mid-century modern merchandise at very reasonable prices. There is a distinct MCM community right here in Columbus, Ohio that I didn’t even realize existed until I went out looking for it. My point is, don’t discount shopping locally. You just might be pleasantly surprised!

4. Estate Sales and Garage Sales. The kids and I have made a Saturday habit of checking garage sales and estate sales. We have come across some real treasures. Again, I tend to find these sales (with pictures listed) on Craigslist. I can’t stress enough the importance of the web. By knowing a little something about mid-century design, I know what I am looking for while perusing these sales. The important thing is, I have done my homework so I have a fairly good idea of what is rare, and what is probably a knockoff, so it doesn’t warrant a high price tag, etc.

I scored an amazing Tony Paul table at an estate sale for a steal! I didn’t actually know the name Tony Paul, but I did recognize the table from my Dwell and Atomic Ranch magazines. I always loved the look of this particular small table and here it was staring me in the face! After some back and forth with the estate sale person, I walked away with three stacking tables and one Tony Paul table originally priced at $95 that I scored for the low, low price of $35! Score one for Kelly!

5. Vintage Communities. Because my husband and I both love the mid-century modern look and design, we tend to find ourselves stumbling across our local shops specializing in these wares. A couple weeks ago, we came across such said shop. After having an amazing discussion with the shop owner, we bought the most amazing lamp and some great 70’s leather jackets. He also gave us a postcard for an annual 2-day sale specializing in mid-century! How amazing that we happened across this shop when we did. We are so going to this sale!

6. Antique Stores. Even though you are not shopping for your average victorian era antique, you can usually find a mid- century nugget of gold (maybe a Knoll or a Wegner) nestled back in the corner. You have to keep your eyes open to find it though. It’s usually sensory overload in places like that.

7. Grandparents’ attics. Remember when you were young and first moved out of the house and everyone was trying to pawn their furniture onto you they no longer wanted? You know what I’m talking about, don’t you? Depending on the household, you can score big with some of these hand me downs. Take a gander in Grandma’s attic or basement and you might find some marvels straight from the set of Mad Men.

8. DIY. The amazing thing about furniture designs from this era is the craftsmanship. We have some Lane Acclaim tables that are so well crafted, they put modern day furniture to shame. They are not ridiculously heavy, so they are easily rearranged at will, unlike those horrible, heavy, pressed wood tables of today. The point is, there are some items from this time period that can be recreated with modern pieces. Simply marry an existing table top with spindle or hairpin legs and your old, worn out table takes on a whole new life for very little investment and time on your part.

9. IKEA. This company is known for its innovative designers and smart, Swedish design, much like the turn of the century designers and their no-nonsense, ground-breaking designs. The best part is that Ikea has very reasonable prices. While you may not want to furnish your whole house with IKEA wares, you can add some wonderful touches to really make your room design pop at very reasonable prices! Check out this Karlstad sofa and their amazing hanging and floor lamps.

10. Minimalism. You don’t need everything in your house to be a period piece. With some planning and a couple well placed designer pieces or knock off designs, you can accomplish the look you are trying to achieve with little investment.

Still need some inspiration? Here are some iconic pieces from that time period that truly are timeless. Let me know what treasures you have found to add to your collection.


For more inspiration, here are some great blogs specializing in mid-century design. Enjoy!

This post was originally posted on a sister blog – and is reposted with their permission.

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