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zenith_rockerOne of my favorite designers is Charles and Ray Eames.  They are quite possibly one of the greatest designer couples in history, if not the greatest designer couples.  The Eames’ contributions are far more vast than most realize.  Best known for the iconic shell chair and the Eames Lounger, this amazing couple designed furniture, made films that are still revolutionary, even for today’s age. Eames designs live on today and are highly collective.

The molds of the Eames shell chair was sold to a company that still manufactures them today.  We were able to score an original first run rope edge Zenith chair at the 20th Century Cincinnati show this last weekend.  I am not going to lie when I say, I love this chair!  The history, the look, the feel.  I have always loved and wanted an orange Eames rocker, and now I have a first run in my house. Amazing!

Original Zenith Tag

Original Zenith Tag

Of course, we could not stop there and picked up a matching pair of green shell chairs with Eiffel tower bases.  There is something about the look of this iconic piece that my husband and I simply drool over.  Nice image, huh?  But seriously, these versatile seats are at home in your office, living room, or even around your kitchen table.eames_DKR_Shell

Did any of you see the documentary on Charles and Ray Eames on PBS?  We were glued to the set!  Whether you missed itand want a copy, (and who wouldn’t) or if you just want to watch it again, here is your chance to own a copy.

Stay tuned for more Eames history and pictures…




DKR Patent Tag